Composed of dry hardwood shavings, ecological logs produce lively flames followed by a good ember bed. They can produce a blazing fire to heat rapidly, or by closing the air inlet, the heat is kept at a constant level for an extended period of time. Use 3 to 4 logs at a time according to desired intensity. The ecological firewood generates 7800 BTU/lb.


• CHARGE USED:   3 logs (9 lb.)
• 400°F REACHED IN:   60 minutes
• FLAME DURATION:   105 minutes
• TOTAL BURNING TIME:   180 minutes

* Product lit with 1 Vesta fire-starter. Air intake adjusted to 50% once a temperature of 400°F is attained. Results are an average of 3 tests in a EPA-certified slow-burning stove with 80% efficiency. Results will vary according to wood burning apparatus. A slow-burning stove that is not EPA certified will perform at a rate of up to 40% less. An open fireplace will perform at a rate of 50% to 75% less.
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