No more bugs and dirt. Vesta is delivered in boxes and does not crumble. In addition, we will deliver your order directly to your home. An ideal solution for the elderly or disabled.  



Vesta leaves the competition in the dust. Vesta produces 2 times more heat than other ecological logs and conventional firewood. You get twice as much for your money!  



Vesta is made entirely of recycled materials. Vesta means less waste to landfill sites, lower emissions and ultimately more trees in our forests. .  


Less Waste

More than 7 billion tons of waste is produced each year. Vesta effectively reuses the wax paper and vegetable wax that would have been dumped in landfills.


Cleaner Air

Although it produces more energy, Vesta releases to 2 times less fine particles in the atmosphere than wood. It’s cleaner air for your neighborhood.    


Protecting Our Forest

While we burn smartly, we let our forests grow freely. Six billion trees are cut each year worldwide. Vesta is doing its part by replacing the wood that would have been cut and burned otherwise!    


  • « The Long Lasting Vesta differs from its competitors in terms of the heat produced. It emits almost 2 times more heat than competing products, including natural wood. Once all the criteria taken into account, this proves the most efficient. »
    Magazine Protégez-Vous
  • « The Long Lasting Vesta, the only product non-composed of hardwood residue, came out winner of our test. The Vesta product stood out about the heat released during combustion. It emits two times more heat than the others, including natural wood. »
    Légitime Dépenses, Télé-Québec