Made from waxed cardboard, the VESTA Brick produces
11,500 BTUs per pound, 50% more per pound than wood. Waxed cardboard, usually considered land ll as it is non-recyclable, is now 100% repurposed in the VESTA Brick.

Easy to light and producing a beautiful ame, the VESTA Brick is ideal for heating and ambience. Suitable for all types of stoves or replaces, the VESTA Brick emits 80% less carbon monoxide and 86% less creosote than wood, while burning longer. 


• CHARGE USED:   6 bricks (10.5 lb)
• 400°F REACHED IN:   40 minutes
• FLAME DURATION:   165 minutes
• TOTAL BURNING TIME:   255 minutes

* Product lit with 1 Vesta fire-starter. Air intake adjusted to 50% once a temperature of 400°F is attained. Results are an average of 3 tests in a EPA-certified slow-burning stove with 80% efficiency. Results will vary according to wood burning apparatus. A slow-burning stove that is not EPA certified will perform at a rate of up to 40% less. An open fireplace will perform at a rate of 50% to 75% less.
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